About Us>>

Knockout Sports Promotions will take your event to the next level. We provide unique and exciting auction items that will:

  • electrify your guests
  • create a new and exciting atmosphere
  • draw additional attention to your entire auction, and
  • differentiate your fundraiser from all the rest

Knockout Sports Promotions assists organizations across the country to maximize fundraising potential. With access to tens of thousands of spectacular items, we tailor our auction service and the items we provide toward your specific needs. Let us add extra PUNCH to your event!

We realize that there are many burdens involved in planning a successful fundraiser. Our no-risk service will eliminate some of the hassles that stand in your way. Knockout Sports Promotions works with a wide range of charitable organizations and provides them with unique, hand signed memorabilia for auction at their fundraiser. Our service is risk-free and contains no hidden fees or costs. Knockout Sports Promotions doesn’t make a cent unless our items are successful at your auction!

Knockout Sports Promotions’ goal is to help your organization maximize its fundraising potential.

  • WE WILL devise a plan to help you surpass your fundraising goals
  • WE WILL customize a list of unique items that is specifically tailored to draw interest from YOUR crowd
  • WE WILL use your input to accommodate any suggestions or special requests
  • WE WILL NOT bring items that directly compete with anything you have already solicited
  • WE WILL take the weight off of your shoulders so you can focus on other aspects of your fundraiser
  • WE WILL Add Extra Punch To Your Event